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International Cooperation

Center for International Collaboration, AORI, is promoting international cooperation in atmosphere and marine sciences by exchanging MoU with world leading Institutions, acting as officers of International Organization such as Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO, coordinating International Projects such as IMBeR, SOLAS of Future Earth. 


JSPS Core-to-core Program RENSEA

(Research and Education Network on coastal ecosystems in SouthEast Asia)

The Southeast Asian Region encompasses diverse coastal ecosystems, as represented by coral reefs, mangrove forests, seagrass beds, and even deep basin over 4000-m deep. These diverse environments harbor the unique and extremely high biodiversity of the region, known as the major biodiversity hotspot in the world. These waters also supply important marine resources to some 600 million people living in the region. However, the region is also under serious threat of environmental decline from various human impacts due, for example, to loads of pollutants from land and habitat destruction associated with resort development and fisheries. There are also concerns about negative impacts of global climate change, as represented by coral bleaching. 

   The RENSEA enhance cooperative researches focusing on the coastal environment (physical process), biodiversity, and anthropogenic pollution to contribute to conservation and sustainable development of the coastal ecosystems in Southeast Asia. The project also aims at developing capacity of researchers of next generation through various activities, including collaborative researches, seminars, and trainings.