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New Paper from Indian Ocean Cruise: Nitrogen sources for phytoplankton


Isaji, Y., Yoshikawa, C., Ogawa, N. ,. O., Matsumoto, K., Makabe, A., Toyoda, S., Ishikawa, N. F., Ogawa, H., Saito, H., Honda, M. C., Ohkouchi, N. Nitrogen sources for phytoplankton in the eastern Indian Ocean determined from δ15N of chlorophyll a and divinylchlorophyll a. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 23, e2021GC010057 (2022).

Nitrogen and carbon isotopic compositions of bulk SPM (gray squares), chlorophyll a (green circles), chlorophyll b (red circles), divinylchlorophyll a (blue triangles), and divinylchlorophyll b (orange triangles) at the subsurface chlorophyll maximum along 88°E transect in the eastern Indian Ocean. The error bars represent the analytical precision of the nano-EA/IRMS.





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