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New paper on the diversity of bacterioplankton in the Kuroshio. Deep-Sea Res. I.

Liu, A. C. H., Chang, F. H., Yang, J. W. Saito, H., Umezawa, Y., Chen, C. C., Jan, S., Hsieh, C. H. Free-living marine bacterioplankton composition and diversity along the Kuroshio region. Deep-Sea. Research I. 183. 103741 (2022).

•Bacterial richness and Shannon diversity decrease along the Kuroshio.

•Compositional changes of bacteria along the Kuroshio are influenced by phosphate in the DCM layer but not in the surface.

•The first study investigating diversity and compositional changes of bacteria along the Kuroshio.




特任研究員のSiyu Jiang博士が、2022年度日本海洋学会奨励論文賞を受賞しました。この賞は、若手会員による日本海洋学会の刊行物に発表された優れた論文を表彰するものです。受賞論文は Jiang, S., Hashihama, F., Saito, H., 2021. Phytoplankton growth and grazing mortality through the oligotro

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