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New Paper: Physiological & genetic diversity of Prochlorococcus in the Indian Ocean (JGR Oceans)

Siyu published novel findings of Prochlorococcus physiological and functional diversity in the nutrient limited Indian Ocean . Examined the functional diversity by means of shot-gun genome sequencing and physiological diversity with incubation experiments. Found geographical variation of nutrient stress responding to the nutrient regime along the meridional transects from 16.5oN to 20oS. Visit the web site:

Relative abundance ratio of functional modules related to nitrogen utilization (also see Figure S3 in Supporting Information S1) detected in Prochlorococcus populations. (a) Assimilatory nitrate reduction. (b) Nitrate/nitrite transport system. (c) NitT/TauT family transport system. (d) Urea transport system. The shadow indicates the relative abundance ratio of 2.





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